The Iboga Index is an impartial, neutral, user-generated directory of plant and entheogenic
Medicine clinics, providers, and other holistic healers.
The iboga index was created by Michael Slater as a means of helping those seeking treatment
to find safe responsible providers through a directory style interface which permits former clients
and patients to review the individual clinics and providers who treated them
The Iboga Index is a project of Addiction Alternatives, a 501(C)3 not-for-profit Corporation.
Listings on iboga index are free to all. In addition, there are two levels of Membership Listings
which provide more comprehensive data on each clinic or provider, however, paid listings are
clearly indicated as such, and paid membership in no way affects the rating of each clinic or
The Iboga Index also has a TRUSTED PROVIDER* listing in which clinics and providers have
met a pre-established set of clinical and ethical guidelines and have hosted in-person
visits/inspections by the iboga Index team. This provider class is determined via the application
The iboga Index maintains a strict separation policy between advertising and editorial.
Advertisers do not have access to editorial content nor can they influence rankings.
Proceeds from ad revenue and membership listings will be set aside for various treatments
scholarship funds for those in need of economic aid.